Inventors of a better bucket and sandless sandbag move to Eustis

As tropical storm Erika threatened Florida Friday, a three-man team of inventors moved into their new manufacturing space in Eustis and prepared for a real-world test of one of their creations, the sandless sandbag. At the same time, their other invention, a five-gallon bucket with an integrated handle on the bottom, started hitting Bass Pro Shop shelves.

While Erika wobbled west and fell apart, depriving the inventors a chance to show Central Florida how handy and useful their sandless sandbags are, there was little disappointment from the team. They have plenty of other tasks to keep them busy.

After years of time, trial, error, and capital investment, Global Consumer Innovations, a team made up of brothers Justin and Casey Holder and friend Zach Railey, has started manufacturing two of its patented inventions...

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Innovative Sandless Sandbags Ready to Protect Property from Floodwaters and Create American Jobs

Global Consumer Innovations, LLC of Mount Dora, Florida announces partnership with Envision, Inc. of Wichita, KS to manufacture and co-market patented technology by Principal Business Enterprises of Bowling Green, Ohio as a sandless sandbag.

Deluge Sandless Sandbags ™ and Envision Aquapads ™ – The innovative self-inflating flood protection product is set to revolutionize the way homeowners, businesses and governmental agencies prevent and reduce damage from floodwaters. At less than one pound before activation, and having the capability to absorb 45 pounds of water, Deluge Sandless Sandbags dramatically reduce the cost of storage, transportation, and clean up when compared to traditional sandbags. The product is environmentally friendly and is 100% made in America.

Envision to produce ‘sandless sandbags’ for Global Consumer Innovations

Envision, a Wichita nonprofit that supports and provides job opportunities for the visually impaired, has secured a purchase order for a new flood-protection product.

The organization will produce the Aquapad Sandless Sandbag for Global Consumer Innovations, a company based in Florida. The product is small and light before activation, but it can absorb up to 45 pounds of water and grow to serve as a barrier to control other water flow.

Envision says in a news release that it will produce the Aquapad at is Envision Industries manufacturing facility in Wichita. About half of workers there are blind or visually impaired. Visual storyteller Kellen Jenkins produced a slideshow earlier this year with photos from that facility.

Workers at Envision will cut and assemble raw materials, seal and sew materials together and package the finished product for shipment.

The new order is a step toward Envision’s goal of serving new commercial customers. The U.S. government has been Envision’s biggest customer — the organization makes 2.5 million business cards for the government every month, among other things — but leaders there have been looking for non-government customers, too.

Proceeds from Envision’s manufacturing operations go toward the organization’s mission areas of employment, outreach, rehabilitation, education and research.